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In my life, small things, since childhood, I have received the grace of parental nurturing. When I go to school, I have the education of the teacher. After work, I have the care and support of my colleagues and colleagues. After that, they will inevitably have to accept the support and care of their younger generation. In large terms, as a single member of the society, we all live in a multi-layered social environment, all of which are first of all obtained from this environment Living conditions and opportunities for development, that is to say, the great environment of society has grace for all of us. Thanksgiving, indicating that a person has a correct understanding of his relationship with other people and society; giving his grace is a kind of sense of responsibility arising under this kind of correct understanding. Without the gratitude and gratitude of members of society, it is hard to imagine a society that can develop normally. In the grateful air, people can be calm about many things. In the grateful air, people can start with the smallest thing in a serious and pragmatic way. In a grateful air, people spontaneously and truly be strict In the grateful air, people face mistakes and help each other; in a grateful air, people will not feel lonely ...

Life path, twists and turns ups and downs, I do not know how many difficulties and obstacles, and even setbacks and failures. In times of crisis, some people extend warm hands to you to relieve the hardship of life. Some people give you directions and make you clear the way forward. Some even lift people on your shoulders and body to climb the peak of your life ... You finally defeated the misery, sail sail, toward the bright happiness of the other side. So, can you be thankful? Can you think back? The key to gratitude is rewarding. In return, we are grateful to those who nurture, nurture, teach, guide, help, support and even help oneself. Through their own tenfold and hundredfold efforts, they pay off with concrete actions.
The most powerful of all emotions is love, but it is different in appearance. Thanksgiving is also a kind of love. Therefore, Anthony Robin likes to express his gratitude by thinking or acting voluntarily. At the same time, he also earnestly cherishes what God has given him and his life experience. If we always feel grateful, life will be happy again, so please manage your worthwhile business, make it full of fragrance.

Thanksgiving is a positive thinking and humble attitude, it is a spontaneous behavior. When a person knows how to be grateful, they turn gratitude into a love-like activity that they practice in their lives. A grateful heart, is a seed of peace, because gratitude is not simply gratitude, it is a responsibility, self-reliance, self-esteem and the pursuit of a spiritual realm of sunshine life! Thanksgiving is a philosophy of life, Thanksgiving is a kind of wisdom of life, Thanksgiving is learning life, the fulcrum of Sunshine achievements. From a growth point of view, psychologists generally agree with such a law: the change of heart, attitude followed change; attitude change, habits followed change; change of habit, personality followed change; character change, life With the change, is willing to change our attitude of gratitude, is willing to lead our habits sincere attitude, is willing to sublimate our good habits, is willing to healthy character harvest our beautiful life!
Friends together, sweet wine beauty, deep affection, I am grateful to God, gave me so many good friends, I enjoy the warmth of friends, life mellow, song of friendship. Out of the house, I go to nature. Consider the flowering grass, Ying Fei Yan dance, I am grateful for the endless natural beauty, thanksgiving God gave selfless, grateful for the vast land of tolerance. Every day of life, I am full of gratitude, I learned tolerance, learned to undertake, learned to pay, know how to return. So, every day, I have a good mood, I live a happy life every day. I know, learned gratitude, will find in life, beautiful, treat each day with a smile, treat the world with a smile, treat life, treat friends, treat difficulties. Tolerance and moving can be decadent magic, the ice peak for the spring, go hand in hand for the jade silk.

Thanksgiving for life, you will not have too many complaints, there is no perfect thing in the world. More important than complaining is what efforts have been made to change this. Thanksgiving heart enough to dilute the narrow and arrogant in our hearts, but also can help us through the greatest pain and disaster. With gratitude, we can gradually forgive those who once had a grudge against you or touched the heartache of your soul, so that our existing resources will become more profound and our mind will be wider.

Therefore, gratitude is a basic criterion of life, a manifestation of the quality of life and a beautiful foundation for all life. Thanksgiving is the great wisdom of life, can make us feel the beauty of nature, the good life, can maintain our positive, healthy, sunny good attitude. Grateful for the feelings of others, the environment will be less critical, more appreciation and gratitude. Thanksgiving, is a beautiful emotion, is a moral decontamination agent, the driving force behind the cause and internal drive, is where the noble. Gratitude will make your heart tighter with what you are looking forward to. Gratitude will make you believe in your life, in all your good things, and your whole life will be surrounded by beautiful things. We often feel grateful, we will be able to live in a grateful world, the world must be very beautiful, our lives will become more beautiful.

In Buddhism, we often say "Four Saints of Grace": First, we are grateful to the Buddha for receiving me the grace of rightful law; Second, I am grateful to my parents for raising me; Third, I am grateful to the teacher for guiding me into the truth; Fourth, the sense of donor Donor nourish my body of grace. We are grateful to all sentient beings for robbing me of the gratitude, the nature, the sun for my light and heat, the air for my breathing, flowers and trees for my pleasure.

Thanksgiving is a bunch of golden sunshine, can melt snow, let us learn gratitude, let this bunch of sunshine shine in the heart of all of us!